This page is intended for dealers to setup their order reports, view the current status of devices configured vs devices not reporting and provide a list of those end users that can be selected to navigate for further details.

RED Displays dealer info including Dealer name, address and phone number 


Configuration of the order reports

  • Report Type = To have the report show only device info and trigger levels (simplified) or include contact and ship too info (detailed)
  • Language = Select the preferred language to receive the report
  • Frequency = Select to receive the order emails Daily (7am EST) or Weekly (Mondays at 7am EST)
  • Report Emails = The list of recipients for the daily report. Multiple email address can be entered her


Dealer summary = Provides widgets highlighting total customers managed, total devices, configured devices and non reporting devices..



Customer/End user list with the below fields

  • Account status = Managed (green check mark) or Pending Go Live (yellow check mark)
  • Total Devices = Number of all devices pulled in from DCA
  • Devices on ASM or Notification = Configured devices that will trigger with their appropriate action once a threshold is reached.
  • Non Reporting Devices = Devices that have not reported in 72hrs.


Customer Management = Select this button to locate the list of accounts and update their management status.

Not Visible

Exports - Ad Hoc reports that will export information from ASM including orders by date, devices and waste