If only a few devices are stale for a group then:

  1. Confirm on site that the stale device is accessible for printing across the network. If a job can be printed then the issue is not with the network card or the network connection. If a job cannot be printed then try a new network card, or check the network connection to the device.
  2. If a job can be printed then check to see if the device has been re-addressed. If so then ensure that the new IP address falls within the range that is being scanned by the DCA (Data Collection Agent)
  3. Check if the device has had a community string added to it, or if SNMP has been turned off at the device’s embedded webpage (needs to be accessed while onsite) or SNMP version requirements have changed.
  4. Has there been a change made in the network layout? If a firewall has been added to a subnet then that could prevent the DCA scan from being able to detect devices.

If all the devices are stale for a group then:

  1. Confirm that the hardware running the DCA (Data Collection Agent) software is still running and connected to the network.
  2. Has the DCA service been stopped (check under Windows Services for ‘Printer DCA’ or 'PrintFleet DCA Pulse') or has the DCA been uninstalled?
  3. Have there been changes made to the network security (i.e. added proxy server), or has the port being used for transmission been blocked?
  4. Are there any conflicting SNMP processes running on the hardware that were not previously present.

If there have been no changes made to the network or device

There are a couple of things that you can attempt to detect the devices.

  1. You can ensure the network timeout is set to 5000ms or higher. The default is usually set high, but could have been modified.
  2. You can try doing a select scan of those devices that are not reporting to determine if there is a break in communication. To this enter only the IP addresses of the problem devices in the DCA to see if they can be detected.
  3. If you are scanning over 5,000 IP addresses or more than 500 devices, consider installing a second DCA on a separate machine and split the IP addresses being scanned evenly between the two DCA’s. This will increase the chance that you will be able to detect all the devices on the network.
  4. If nothing else is working, completely uninstall the DCA and perform a fresh install with a new activation key.