The additional SNMP v3 configurations are provided by the customer at install. This suggests there is a change to the install script/process. Need help with the SNMP v3 install process?


No, installing FMAudit Onsite application does not change. When SNMP v3 is enabled the username and passwords for SNMP v3 are created by the client IT department.


Where in FMAudit Onsite do you find the SNMP v3 settings?


FMAudit Onsite >Settings>Communication>SNMP Authentication. 'This is where the SNMPv3 settings are configured. (FMAudit Onsite tab below)

 IN Central v4

These settings can be set in Central v4 also by going to the account and opening the Onsite settings > Credentials > SNMPv3 Credentials then clicking on Add

You will then need to fill out the information in the pop up and save.


This will be needed for every SNMP v3 configuration. (On the client network, Printer Administrator and verify the information from the devices WebUI page).



Note also, while SNMP v3 is required for all new devices, we are taking over a fleet of over 1300 competitive devices. Need assurance that we can still collect data on V2 configuration. The definition of V3 says discovery is the same but want to make sure I am aware of any special considerations/nuances with FMA.


Yes, no change on SNMP v2. We will continue to collect using the older SNMP protocols.



Is there a way to test devices that have SNMP v3 enabled?


Yes, there is an SNMP v3 tester. It is available at the following link: ftp://ftp.fmaudit.com/customer/tools/snmpv3tester.zip

NOTE: Does not test ranges, only static IP address per device.

Quick overview on the SNMP v3 tester tool

Unzip file and select SnmpTester.exe


Add IP Address and Select Test


Select SNMP Settings (You will find this information from the devices WebUI page).

Add the applicable information and hit OK.

Click on Test to validate.

Success, update FMAudit Onsite > Settings > Communication > SNMP Authentication and IPv4.