1. Hover over 'Customer Management' and select 'Monitors'.
  2. Apply any filters you would like and then click on the 'Search' button.
  3. You will see a list of monitors:
  4. One of the columns listed should be 'Contact Email'.  For monitors that have this Contact Email added, you can send Monitor (DCA) Installation Instructions to all of these customers and contacts at one time.  To add this email address, click on the 'Monitor Name' for the record you would like to edit and then click the 'Edit' button.  On the popup, select the 'Technical Contact Details' tab and type in the email address.  Click 'Save'
  5. Once the Email Address (or Addresses) is/are added, select as many monitors as you would like to send instructions for.  
  6. Once selected, click the 'Email' button at the bottom.
  7.  Fill out the details on the screen that pops up.  Note the default 'To Address' is the Monitor Technical Contact that was added in a previous step.  The Reply To Address can be a contact that is setup at your Dealer level in EKM, or you may choose 'Specified Address' and type in an email address.  The Email Template can be our default template, or a template you create.  Creating Email Templates will be covered in another article.