Below is the step by step process to reinstall Insight:



1. Uninstall the DCA Monitor from Windows Add or remove programs or App Settings on the host machine as shown below. The program is called "EKM Insight Data Collection Application". 

NOTE: On older versions of Windows use Control Panel to open the ‘Programs and Features’ list, locate the EKM Insight Data Collection Application entry and select the Uninstall option.


NOTE: If you want, delete the program files\i2emfw folder. However, there is no need to do this so long as you choose the "Clean" option when you run the EKM Insight installer again. 


a. Now install the Insight DCA again by running the setup installer.  If the message below is displayed be sure to select the "Clean" option.



2) Begin by double clicking the downloaded DCA Setup installer package. The initial screen shows the installation

commencing. Select the language you wish the installer to use and then click ‘OK’.

3) When the Welcome screen appears click ‘Next’. Read the end user license agreement and confirm your acceptance of the terms by clicking ‘I accept the agreement’. Then click ‘Next’.

4) Select the local folder where you would like the application installed and then click ‘Next’. Using the suggested default Program Files directory is recommended.

5) Next it is suggested to unselect the "create shortcuts for all users checkbox" Then click ‘Next’.

6) The DCA will now begin installing. Note: If a previous installation of the DCA is detected the following options are shown. It is highly recommended to select ‘Clean – Archive all existing data and reactivate’

7) Following the file extraction phase an Insight application window will appear. Here you will need to enter the license provider code†. Then click ‘Continue’. †The correct service provider code to enter will be communicated by your service provider. Some versions of the installer are pre-configured and will not display the provider code entry box.

8) On the next screen enter the 12-digit activation key code provided to you and click ‘Continue’. If the online licensing service cannot be contacted at this point then the installer will prompt for web proxy configuration settings.

9) The next screen checks the entered license details with the online licensing service. If the license cannot be validated then this screen displays information about the problem and allows you to re-enter the license details by clicking the ‘Retry’ button.

10) The installer may then offer to automatically search for printers on the local network. Click ‘Yes’ if you would like the DCA to scan the suggested IP address range when it starts.

11) Click ‘Finish’ on the final windows to complete the installation. By default, the Insight DCA Console will be launched, displaying the application’s health status and allowing you to make any advanced configuration changes as required.


Please note that if you get a red cross on XMPP, it is possibly a blocked port. This service requires port 5222 open for secure messaging communication.