EKM Insight utilizes multiple monitoring loops to improve efficiency and reduce network overhead. There are 5 loops as shown below with the Identity and Alerts loops being the primary loops that run most frequently.

These loops run automatically and will self-optimize according to the loading on the network and the monitor. The initial values for these loops are as follows:


Default working hours is 08:00 to 18:00 Mon to Fri, the longer out-of-operating hours loop intervals take effect outside those times. If it takes longer than the configured time for a monitoring loop to get through the list of all devices being monitored then the next run of that loop commences immediately. Note that although the Count loop runs every 20 mins it only sends readings to the Portal once per day. The ‘Get Latest Counts’ refresh button on the device details counts tab can be used to request that the latest retrieved readings are sent up to the Portal. The reason this loop runs so often is to maximize the chance of reading a set of readings at least once in the day, given many devices are in power save mode a lot of the time and some don’t return any meters when in this state.